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Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Ph.D.

California College of the Arts

Critical Studies

Co-Director Centre for Aesthetics and Politics

Artists Residencies

Fellow and Artist in Residence. Women’s International Study Center. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Fall 2023.

Artist in Residence. Inaugural Virginia Tech Residency for Improvisation, Inspiration, Incubation, and Immersion. Institute for Arts, Creativity and Technology. Virginia Tech University, VA. July 11-18, 2022.

Artist in Residence. Kala Art Institute. Berkeley, CA. March 1-May 20, 2020.

Artist in Residence. Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Woodside, CA. June 19-July 24, 2019.

Artist in Residence. De Young Museum of Art. San Francisco, California. January 6-February1, 2009.

Artist in Residence. Center for Art and Public Life. California College of the Arts. 2007-8.


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Juror’s Award. 33rd Annual International Contemporary Craft Competition & Exhibition. Materials Hard +Soft, Texas. 2/7-5/ 9, 2020.

California Story Fund. California Council for the Humanities, 2007-8.

Chilean Government Sponsorship, Ministry of Culture, Chile, 1999-2000.

Latin American Art Award, Saint John’s University, 1996


Atlas de Sueños. Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Santiago, Chile, 11/ 28-12/ 14, 2018.

Geographies of the Imagination. Valene Smith Museum. California State University, Chico, 8/28-9/30, 2013.

Geographies of the Imagination. Oliver Art Center. California College of the Arts. 9/ 29-November 26, 2008.

Emerging Images of Humanity, Eranos Foundation. Ascona, Switzerland, 8/ 5- 12/1, 2007.

Heavens of the Imagination.  David Rockefeller Center Gallery, Harvard University, March 9-June 15, 1999.

Heavens of the Imagination. Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA, November 12-December 11, 1998.

Imaging the Land of Goodness and Beauty: Paintings of Mapuche Dreams of Heaven. Center for Latin American Studies. University of California at Berkeley, November 3-January 31, 1999.

Landscapes of Terror, Dreams and Loneliness. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, April 12-30, 1995.


Travelling Exhibits

Mending the Past. Resilience—A Sansei Sense of Legacy. Exhibits USA (2022-2027).

Alice Sabatini Gallery, Topeka, KS. March 9- May 28, 2022.

Japanese American Museum of Oregon, Portland, OR. October 1-December 22, 2022.

The Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma, WA. January 10-July 7, 2023.

International Museum of Art Science. McAllen, TX. August 7-January 14, 2024

Rockwell Museum, Corning, NY. February 19-May 3, 2024.

University of Reno, Nevada, Reno, NV. September 9-Novemember 15, 2024

Illinois Holocaust Museum, Stokie, IL. December 13, 2024-May 31, 2025.

Misericordia University, Dallas, PA. October 6-December 15, 2025.

Group Exhibits

Scattered Seeds of the Cotton Bolls. Here Now: Art and Migration. Burlington City Art Center, Burlington, Vermont. February 9 –May 11, 2024.

Wide-Open Asian Eyes. Narrative Portraiture. William Blizard Gallery. Springfield College, Springfield, MA. September 8-October 8, 2023.

Wide-Open Asian Eyes. Jade Wave Rising. Asian American Women Artists Association. SomArts. April 27-May 21, 2023.

Family Memories of Forced Migration. Kala Art Institute. Berkeley, CA. October 20, 2022-January 13, 2023.

Flowers of Memory, Family and Forced Dispersal. On the Move: Migration/Emigration/Immigration. Gualala Art Center. Gualala, CA. October 7-November 20, 2022.

Mending the Past II. Brand 50. Works on Paper. Brand Library and Art Center. Glendale, CA. September 24-December 30, 2022.

Scattered Seeds of the Cotton Bolls. Shadows of the Past. Monterey Museum of Art, September 9, 2021- February 9, 2022.

Conquering California Poppies: Landscapes of Healing, Beauty, and Ecological Invasion. Sowing Agency: Seeding the Future for Environmental Justice. Asian American Women Artists Association. April 30-May 23, 2021.

Mending the Past. The De Young Open. De Young Museum, San Francisco, 10/10, 2020-1/3/2021.

Mending the Past. 33rd Annual International Contemporary Craft Competition & Exhibition. Materials Hard +Soft. Texas. 2/7-5/ 9, 2020.

Mending the Past. Agrarianaa. AAWAA. SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA. May 2-23, 2019.

Collaborative Installation: Hallucinatory Ethnography. Francisco Prat Puig Cultural Center, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 5/15-18, 2018.

Visiting My Old House. Moving Matters: Serial Migrants, Art and Identity Exhibit. University of California, Riverside. March 10-30, 2016.

Intersections: Asian American Narratives. Lindsay Dirx Brown Gallery. San Ramon, February 2-28, 2015.

Hybridity. SomArts Cultural Center. San Francisco, February 5-25 2009.

A Place of Your Own. Kimball Gallery. De Young Museum. January 30, 2009.

Exonome: IberoAmerican Art Exhibit. Mexican Consulate of San Francisco. November 18-December 18 2008.

Cheers to Muses, Asian American Women Artists Exhibit. San Francisco Chinese Cultural Center, June 1-August 25, 2007. San Francisco, California.

Video Installation. Swarm Gallery, May 12-June 30, 2007.

Curatorial Work

Curator, Awakening the Worlds of Objects and Nature. Ruth’s Table, San Francisco, CA. Jan 13-April 13, 2011. Co-Curator, The Living Past: Innovating Tradition in the Arts. California Institute of Integral Studies. October 28- Jan 9, 2011.


Advisor, Re-History, Asian Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA, June 2022- May 2023

Advisor, Advisory Board, Asian American Women Artists Association (2010 to present).

Advisor, The State of the Arts Symposium, Monterey Museum of Art, California, 2021-22

Panelist Reviewer

Djerassi Artists Program, Artists Residencies, 2021

California Council for the Arts, Individual Artists Fellowships, 2021

City of Oakland, CA Public Art Grants Review Panelist, 2005.
City of Oakland, Individual Artist Grants Review, 2003.

Selected Book Chapters and Journal Articles about Art


2021. Pauses and Flow in Art Making and Ethnographic Research. Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 11:3, 1101-1115.

2018. Activating and Performing Nostalgia at Places of Sorrowful Exile. Visual Ethnography, Vol. 7:1, pages 34-51.

2017. Atlas of Dreams: Unveiling the Invisible in San Francisco Bay Area. Visual Anthropology Review. Spring

2016. Collaborative Art and the Emergence and Development of Ethnographic Knowledge and

Empathy. Special Issue: Art, Ethnography and Practice-led Research. Critical Arts 30 (3) 322-340.

2016. Exile, the Sorrow of Time and Place. In Rupert Cox, Andrew Irving, and Christopher Wright (Editors). Beyond Text? Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology. Manchester University Press.

2013. Making the Unfamiliar Personal: Arts Based Ethnographies as Public Engaged Ethnographies. Public Ethnography Special Issue. Qualitative Research 13 (4) 402-413.

2012. Geographies of the Imagination: Engaging Audiences and Participants in Collaborative Interdisciplinary Gallery Installations. In Phillip Vannini (Editor). Popularizing Research. New York: Peter Lang Press, pp. 74-79.

2011. Searching for Catalyst and Empowerment:  The Asian American Women Artists Association. In Jill Fields (Editor). Entering the Picture: Judy Chicago, The Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the Collective Visions of Women Artists. London: Routledge Press, pp. 241-256.

2010. Using Art in Ethnographic Research and Representation: An Emergence of Images and Knowledge. In Riccardo Bernardini and John van Praag (Editors). Eranos Yearbook 2006/2007/2008, Eranos Foundation. Ascona Switzerland: Daimon Verlag, pp. 173-191

2010. When Ethnographies Enter Galleries. In Sandra Dudley (Editor). Museum Materialities: Objects, Engagements, Interpretations. London: Routledge Press, pp.128-142.

2007. Paintings as Ethnographic Representation. The International Journal of Arts in Society, Volume 1, Issue 7, pp. 147-156. International Award for Excellence in the Area of Art

1998. Landscapes of Terror, Dreams, and Loneliness: Explorations in Art, Ethnography, and Friendship. New Literary History, pp. 699-726.


Convener, State of the Arts Symposium, Monterey Museum of Art, February 6, 2022.

Organizer and Co-Chair with Susan Ossman. Feminism, Art, Global Action Panel. Women Caucus for the Art. June 11, 2022.

Embodied Experiences and Memories of Forced Migration. In Feminism, Art, Global Action, Co-Chairs Lydia Nakashima Degarrod and Susan Ossman. Women Caucus for Art Annual Conference. June 11, 2022 (online). Walking and Mapping in the Search for Memorable Dreams. In Moving Subjects /Making Cities.  American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, San Jose, California. November 16, 2018.

In the Search for Memorable Dreams. Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines Conference. Santiago, Chile. November 20-23, 2018.

Dreams, Art Making and Ethnography. In Art, Dreams and Miracles: Reflections and Representations. Royal Anthropological Institute Conference. London, UK. June 1-3, 2018.

Parallels Between Ethnographic Communication and Collaborative Art Creation. In Visual Arts: Moving Towards Ethnographic Hallucinations, Chair and organizer. Canadian Anthropology Society Annual Meeting, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. May 16-20, 2018.

 Shifting Spectra, Broadening Boundaries: Working Between Ethnography and Visual Art. Keynote Speaker. International Community Artists Scholars Conference. San Francisco, CA. January 20, 2018.

Actionable Art, Artists and Art Administrators. Northern California Women Caucus for the Arts, Djerassi Foundation. September 3, 2017.

Cartography of Urban Dreams and Shamanic Dreams of Beauty. International Conference on Shamanism, Healing and Transformation. Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA. September 2-5, 2016.

Ethnography and Art. Institute of Social Sciences. University of Lisbon, Portugal. June 6, 2016.

Unveiling Dreams and Nostalgia in the Urbanscape: Imagination as a Social Activity. In Ethnography-Based Art Practices. University of Combria, Portugal. June 2-4, 2016.

Ethnographic Research and Collaborative Art Making. Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous. University of San Francisco, May 9, 2016.

Nostalgia, Art, and the Serial Migrant. Serial Migrants and Identity/ The Arts of Migration Conference. UC Riverside. March 10, 2016.

Hanging Out Exhibit. Panelist. UC Riverside. March 12, 2015.

Paintings, Drawings, and Monoprints in the Creation and Display of Ethnographic Research. In Drawing and Painting in the Production of Anthropological Knowledge. American Anthropological Association Meetings,

Washington DC. December 6, 2014.

Creating Knowledge at the Boundaries of Art and Ethnography. In Visual Artists and Anthropologists: Collaboration, Appropriation, Methodology. American Anthropological Association Meetings. San Francisco, CA. November 16, 2012.

Press Interviews

Television: Univision, Al Despertar, February 11, 2009 Radio: KUSF-FM, Art Talk, February 4, 2009.
Radio: KPOO-FM, January 29, 2009
Radio: KPFA, January 24, 2009

Radio: KLAX, January 24, 2009.
Television: Univision, December 11, 2008. Television: NBC, December 7,

2008 Newspaper: Vision Hispana, December 6, 2008 Radio: Utah Public Radio, February 6, 2004

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